Lots of characters in Mrs. Ravenbach's Way will return in "The Amazing Escapades of Toby Wilcox" five book series!

Mrs. Ravenbach's Way
Toby does battle with the worst teacher, ever.  Read it now to find out what happens!

Stormin' Norman -- Greatest Baseball Coach in the World!
Toby and his buddies adore the glorious game of baseball.  The problem is, their coach doesn't care if they have any fun... all he wants to do is win, win, win!  Toby has to solve a difficult mystery:  "Why is Coach Bukowski such a jerk?"  

Book #3.  Toby's horrible grandmother comes to live with the Wilcox family.
Mentioned in Mrs. Ravenbach's Way, Granny Beulah visits in Stormin' Norman, and now (horrors!) moves into Toby's house.  Bossiest grandma of all time, she can't stand his friends, baseball, even hamburgers!  Can Toby get Granny Beulah to move back to whatever dark, slimy cave she came from before she destroys his life?

Book #4.  The McKegway School is in big trouble.
While Toby is fighting to help a friend who's being bullied, he gets the news that their beloved headmaster has been fired!  A humorless, persnickety snob roars in, fiercely determined to destroy every single thing about the McKegway School for Clever and Gifted Children that Toby, Richard, Arthur, and Drusie adore.  

Book #5.  Toby vs. his most powerful enemy.
For all four books, Mrs. Button has been a nagging pain in Toby's neck.  She's constantly caused trouble in the background, but now she wants to wipe out Toby once and for all.  Like Hercules against the Hydra, Toby and the Submarine Club must stand up to Mrs. Button and her very, very mean and nasty pals.‚Äč

Toby Wilcox Series